Friday, 30 January 2009

alas, the daylight is fading already...

...and I haven't had time to put digits to keyboard today, very sorry dear blog, I shall try harder!

Going out for a curry & no doubt a few jars of Cobra in an hour. I wouldn't be suprised if, dear blog, I am writing to you later this evening, merry after mixing in wonderful family company.

Almost a tweet, twas so short :)

Thursday, 29 January 2009

quite literally

Firstly, to explain my Blog's name; "Day 1..."

Putting digits to keyboard for the first time on a new venture always brings about a tentative pause as the good intentions and slightly giddy feeling in the tummy turns to apprehension and doubt of validity and value of the key presses that are to spring forth, or not as is quite often the case.

So to pause and reflect on the purpose and ambition of this blog, and it is to track my thoughts and progress, or again lack of it as will often be the case, as I set about to quite simply change my life! Not that I'm suffering any horrors; there's a distinct lack of military conflict in the semi-rural setting of my little abode; food is plentiful; money comes in to our bank account and goes out just as quickly... No, I'm perfectly aware of how lucky we all are who are able to log in and spew forth our ramblings into the void of (do we still call it?) 'cyberspace', but there's just this nagging, gnawing, unending feeling that there MUST BE SOMETHING BETTER!

More fulfilling maybe? Less 'Groundhog Day'? Varied, valued and valuable! I started to think, for no apparent reason, of a canal boat I used to frequent for lunch over near our offices in Leeds. This was before the smoking ban, and despite being a literal smoke trap (no windows were ever opened) I used to put up with the secondary smoking for the pleasure, sheer pleasure of their door-step sandwiches (huge!) and joyous attitude (well, the first set of staff at least, we won't go into Ms. Mardy-pants who took over a while later). "Living the Dream" was always the response to my daily question of "How are you today?", and do you know what? It was infectious! Just imagine quite literally living a life that was wondrously, nay deliriously dream like. "Day 1 of the rest of my life" the joyous chap would follow with.

And that, dear blog, is how I came about my blog title because every day is "Day 1 of the rest of our lives" and I simply thought it quite fitting. Let's see how many days I keep this little indulgence up shall we?

"The Unexamined Life is not Worth Living" - Socrates

Reading "Change Your Life in 7 Days" at the moment, and deciding to carry out some of the recommended tasks, here's the first one:

a. Your Pretend Self: Who you pretend to be

* How do you like to be seen?

  • friendly

  • intelligent

  • warm

  • considerate

  • respectful

  • strong

b. Your Negative Self-image: Who you are afraid you are

* What's the opposite of each of the traits of your pretend self?

  • hostile

  • stupid

  • cold

  • inconsiderate

  • disrespectful

  • weak

* Which of your secrets will only be discovered after you die?

  • I'll blog from the grave! ;^)

* Who is your least favourite person and why?

  • My neighbour; forever sees faults in others yet never in herself, yet can't seem to see that this makes her quite unlikeable - in summary = false & arrogant... thinks: "I've probably been called similar by others!"

a. Your Authentic Self: Who you truly are

* Who are you when nobody's watching?

  • lazy

  • fidgety

  • unsettled

* If you felt totally safe, what would you do differently?

  • take time to follow something of personal interest through

  • stop worrying about money (or lack of)

* Who would you be if you lived beyond fear?

  • a writer

  • always learning

  • studious

  • have a more creative life